Sledge hockey, developed in Sweden by two men in the 1960's who wanted to still
play hockey despite their physical disabilities, has been part of the Canadian sports
scene for 30 years. An adapted version of regular ice hockey, it has helped meet the
recreational, emotional and social needs of physically and developmentally
challenged children, teens and adults.

Sledge hockey players sit on a light-weight sledge that has skate blades attached to
the bottom. They carry two short hockey sticks. One end has a blade for handling
and shooting the puck. Metal picks attached to the other end enable players to push
themselves across the ice. Other than this special equipment, regular hockey gear
and rules apply.

  • 2013 K-W Sidewinders tournament will be held in Stratford on May 4th.  It
    was a great sucess and everyone had fun and we had many people try out

  • Mississauga Crusier's Cup Results (2012)

             - Development Team won Gold
             - Intermediate Team won Bronze

  • The Development team (Juniors) have finished first overall in their Division
    and then won gold in Paris, ON.  Congratulations Team!!!!

  • The intermediate team had the opportunity to play the Russian National
    team Jan 23 2012, the final score was Russia won 8 - 0.  But it was a lot of
    fun overall.

  • The Development team (Juniors) won the bronze metal at the London
    Tournament in January

  • The Development team (Juniors) won the Silver Metal at the Mississauga
    tournament in November
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